Designstripe presents

The Books of Design

A content series telling the story of artists, movements and mediums that influenced the evolution of design, illustration and technology, and where they intersect.

Our first instalment celebrates Alphonse Mucha, the Czech illustrator and painter who became the most iconic graphic artist of the Art Nouveau movement.

Here you can appreciate Mucha’s style interpreted by designstripe’s illustrator Nico Tiotuico.

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Books of Design

This project is our ode to designers. We want to celebrate the creators who have shaped the evolution of design, and tell the stories of as many artists, movements and mediums as we can. And we want to do that with a level of design worthy of their legacies. Because we love design. Which is good, because in today’s landscape, it’s essential for doing business. In fact, that’s why designstripe exists.

We offer a unique design experience and product, combining a curated library of beautiful visual assets with the power to customize them for limitless brand applications. We believe that design should be for and represent everyone. And we believe that by understanding the principles, influence and craft of the trailblazing designers and visual thinkers who came before us, we can continue to push the field forward. The Books of Design are a manifestation of that belief.

Why Mucha?

He believed in beauty

At designstripe, we value Mucha’s belief in the beauty of everyday objects, and his egalitarian view of what constitutes art. He’s the affichiste who elevated posters into an art, and by integrating illustration, information and design, he built the foundation of modern artistic communication.