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The Books of Design

A content series telling the story of artists, movements and mediums that influenced the evolution of design, illustration and technology, and where they intersect.

Our second instalment celebrates W.E.B. Du Bois, the American sociologist and civil rights activist who used pioneering data visualization techniques to paint a nuanced picture of Black life in the US at the turn of the century and refute the racist dogma of the day.

The word "Negro" appears frequently in the images you'll see in this story. It’s not a word we take lightly, but it is the term Du Bois chose (and actually attempted to reclaim) throughout his career. This story is a celebration of his visionary work, and so we have chosen to not alter his charts and keep the text and titles as they are, while contextualizing his use of language.

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Du Bois

Design is more than an aesthetic tool

It's a potent catalyst for business innovation and growth.
It shapes brand identities, defines user experiences, and distinguishes businesses in today's economy. Consider the transformative works of Alphonse Mucha and W.E.B. Du Bois, thinkers who utilized design to create profound connections with their audience.

Mucha, renowned for his intricate detail and expressive Art Nouveau style, captivated viewers with visual narratives that evoked deep emotional responses.
Similarly, W.E.B. Du Bois, a pioneer in data visualization, used design to shed light on complex social issues. His innovative use of infographics and visual data representation in the early 20th century highlighted the realities of African American lives, painting a powerful, illuminating and moving picture.

A vision

Design inspires audiences and amplifies brands

These artists demonstrate the incredible potential of design—not just as a means to beautify but to educate, influence, and inspire.
In an era where visual content reigns, businesses can glean valuable insights from the practices of Mucha and Du Bois.

By leveraging design, businesses can craft compelling and memorable experiences that captivate their audience, fostering brand loyalty. Good design tells your brand's story, communicates its values, and sets it apart from the competition.
Embrace the power of design, and watch it revolutionize your business. Like the masterpieces of Mucha and Du Bois, let your project, whatever it may be, be a canvas where design creates not only art but a profound and enduring impact.